Projects using data publisher

The ODR's Data Publisher is currently in beta testing by a number of scientific projects. Each section below links to more information about the project.

Astrobiology Habitable Environments Database

AHED is a central, high quality, long-term searchable repository for archiving and collaborative sharing of astrobiologically relevant data, including mineralogical, biological, morphological, textural, chemical, isotopic, and crystallographic information.  

CheMin database

The CheMin database contains all the data products associated to the analyses performed by the CheMin X-ray diffractometer on the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity in Gale crater, Mars.

UA Mineral Museum database

The UAMM mineral and fossil collection consists of over 21000 specimens. Link to the UAMM database.

Mineral Evolution database

The goal of the database is to correlate the diversity of mineral species with their ages, localities, and other measurable properties.