ODR Team

Nate Stone


Nate Stone founded the Open Data Repository at the request of Bob Downs and David Blake. He is committed to building an open source software platform that will allow robust scientific data publication.

Alex J. Pires

Lead Developer

Alex joined the ODR effort in 2013 as the lead developer. He has contributed code to the RRUFF project, the American Mineralogy Crystal Structure Database (AMCSD) and other scientific databases.

Barbara Lafuente

Database Specialist

Dr. Lafuente is specialized in architecture and management of scientific databases with a focus on mineralogy and astrobiology.

ODR Scientific Committee

Robert T. Downs

Database Advisor

Dr. Downs lends expertise in creating small to mid-size scientific databases and lists the RRUFF project, the AMCSD, the IMA Mineral List, and the Crystallography Open Database among his creations and collaborations.

David Blake

Scientific Data Advisor

Dr. Blake is a senior scientist at NASA Ames who designed and built the CheMin instrument on the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity in Gale crater, Mars.

Thomas J. Bristow

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Bristow is a member of the CheMin team and currently works on next generation tools for planetary science missions.

Open Data Repository [O Logo]

Removing the barriers to scientific data publication and collaboration

The Open Data Repository (ODR) has created a database creation platform with an easy-to-use interface that allows researchers to quickly create online databases to share data for collaboration, for publication, or as a citable repository. As the project matures, it aims to be a simple system for managing, publishing, and working with research data that will promote semantic approaches to data sharing.